Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Hero (one of them)

Every heroine obtains her super-powers from someone, or something. I, luckily, have strong parents who have bestowed upon me some awesome qualities that I have honed and made my own. Since today is my dad's 60th birthday, I would like to honor him by writing this post.

Millie, Erle, Lyle, April- 1988

My sister was the most prolific writer when my dad was in New Zealand in 1988

Erle's drawing to Papa, 1988

Lyle's drawing to Papa, 1988

My earliest memories of my dad was doting over us and telling us the BEST made up stories. He'd tell us about giants, little people making footprints on the floor, and witches whose bodies would fly off at midnight seeking the blood of a pregnant woman. His flair for language and creative plots were endless. We, my three siblings and I, were always mesmerized. He worked hard to provide a good life for his family and everyone knew he was (and is) the go-to-guy for sound advice. He continues to be this way and has amassed a close-knit circle made up of family and non-family members.

Our long time mechanic Rick, expressed his deep concern for him when he was recently hospitalized earlier this year. He said, "Your dad is like a dad to me too. Please help him get healthy as much as you can." I nearly lost it right then and there but kept myself in check only because I was soooo not expecting him to get that emotional. (I lost it, privately, on the drive home.)

We have another long time associate, our broker Mansoor, who has the same birthday as my dad. This guy is super-soft-spoken, many times unprofessional, and always slow in his service but no matter how demanding my dad can be, Mansoor is (always) naturally and un-flinchingly-kind, competent, and closes deals left and right for us no matter what snags we face.

And the list continues. I don't want to get too personal here because my dad hates that. Just think, if this is how his associates feel about him, think about how his "inner circle" feels about him. He is just absolutely BOMB.COM. With all of his idiosyncracies and dysfunction (we all have them), I can say that my dad has showed tremendous love (the Rough-Around-The-Edges-Kind "RATEK"), compassion (RATEK), and a fluid-competency in almost all of his dealings with his loved ones.

Also, I have learned that you don't need a butt-load of friends or associates. You just need a good handful who are trust-worthy and naturally "gel" with you.

TO PAPA: Without further ado, I want to wish you, my hero, a Happy 60th Birthday! We can't wait to celebrate YOU and really hope you get your health action plan truly dialed in this time around. God has been more than gracious to you these past few years. Please know that that all of the good and success you see in all of us have been directly from Yours & Mama's efforts. We love you immensely and wish to celebrate many more blessed birthdays with you.

Love, your adopted daughter

:-) Millie

*For the record I am not adopted. This is an inside joke as he introduces me to people as his "adopted daughter." As though that would faze me ;D